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    David Stockert has spent over 21 years in the travel industry, employed at Holland America/Windstar Cruises. He began his travel sales career as a District Sales Manager in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. Currently, he heads Holland America's Sales Promotion area. In this capacity, Dave has conducted numerous seminars for a wide variety of audiences.   

     He has worked with travel consortiums, national accounts, and national organizations, including ASTA, ARTA, NACOA. He has guided seminars for Travel Trade, Travel Age, and Tour and Travel News, as well as workshops for the Ship to Shore Conference in Canada and Uniglobe. Directing these seminars has given Dave unique opportunities to learn about and understand the needs of local travel agents and small businesses.

    Prior to his experience in the travel industry, Dave spent 10 years working for Procter and Gamble as a sales manager in the Pacific Northwest. The skills he acquired selling consumer products have translated very effectively into selling travel.

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